YAKAR Industries has started production & trade as a private lathe workshop that established by A. Yakar
in 1950 at Adana, Turkey.


        In 1980, the organization has become an incorporation that exclusively focuses on design, production, manufacturing and trade services intranationally; then, in 1996, extended its operations to the international platform.


        YAKAR Inc. has focused the producing and manufacturing of

high-quality spare parts & tools for the industrial machines since 1998, which after been awarded the

Golden Award for the Best Trade Name

in 2000, organization started to particularly focus on its operations in this area intensely.


        From 2006, YAKAR Industries that led by S. A. Yakar, who is the the

third-generation manager of the organization, started to focus specifically on the automotive, textile, agriculture industry sectors by not only designing, producing and

manufacturing; but also offering solution partnership services.


        As of 2020, YAKAR Industries has started design, production and manufacturing operations in Aerospace & Defense Industry, medical, sporting goods, and pet products sectors along with continuous automotive, textile, and agriculture industries, where organization has begun the branding process as well.

        Today, YAKAR Industries continues to develop and upgrade its sectoral operation sphere that has been going on for

three-generations within the framework of sustainability;

carrying the future of the organization to the fourth generation, and continuing to provide its design, production and manufacturing services by offering best quality works and providing total solution services within the branding process.

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YAKAR Inc., 1980-2021

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